4 Workspace trends to look out for in 2020

The new decade marks a pivotal shift in workspace solutions and culture. 2020 will build on budding trends that we've seen over the past ten years, such as the rise of coworking and collaborative spaces, and an increasingly more flexible workforce. With new industries growing, digital natives entering the workforce, and a decline in traditional workplace culture and schedules, this year will leave its mark on Vietnam workspaces. We've rounded up the top five trends to look out for at work in 2020!

1. Remote Will Grow

Working remote has grown from being an earned benefit- it’s now a full-blown phenomenon that people seek out across a variety of industries. A recent CNBC article stated, “Today nearly two-thirds of U.S. companies have employees that work outside of the office, and research indicates the remote work will equal, if not surpass, fixed office locations by the year 2025.” Companies will continue to seek out non-traditional spaces and other office space solutions to accommodate remote workers and those who desire a more flexible schedule. Utilizing serviced spaces with top-notch amenities and a variety of office and meeting room options will be important in the continued shift towards this type of work.

2. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Members of the workforce will turn a more critical eye towards benefits packages in 2020. Incredibly low employment rates are creating increased competition for qualified candidates- and an impressive package of perks can help tip the scales when it comes to decision making.

An exciting, modern workspace is considered to be a perk to many people. Complimentary beverages, a variety of comfortable workspaces, well-equipped meeting rooms, and convenient locations all make a difference when it comes to happiness at work. Yes, implementing competitive vacation policies, professional development programs, and creating a vibrant office culture are all incredible ways to increase benefits at work. But it can be hard to see past an inconvenient, dated, or bland workspace. Your space sets the tone for what type of experience employees will have, so consider your office the building block of benefits!

3. Reducing Carbon Footprint

As we enter into the 20s, people are more aware than ever of their impact on the environment and are eager to reduce their carbon footprints, both in personal and professional lives. Working in an eco-friendly space will go from a "nice to have" perk to a necessity for many people.

A big perk of switching to a shared workspace is that the practice is inherently "green" because people use communal resources, such as office supplies, kitchen/lounge room items, meeting rooms, and technology. Sharing reduces workplace waste and is an easy way for a small business to make a positive impact on the planet.

4. Robust Development Strategies

With millennials fully in the workforce and digital native graduating college within the next few years, there is a new generation shift when it comes to what people expect out of their careers. The days where you’d work one job out of college and stay there for decades are gone. The new generation is more than willing to leave positions if they do not feel fulfilled or that there isn’t enough room for growth. Companies will continue to expand their professional development strategies in the new decade. Look for more opportunities to attend conferences, speakers being brought in-house, encouragement to attend local events, and funding for classes or seminars. This new generation constantly wants to grow, and if a workplace can’t provide those opportunities, they will leave.

A shared workspace is the best place for your company to grow in 2020 and keep up with the latest workplace trends! At Azumi Serviced Offices, we offer a plethora of options for remote workers, from a professional address with mail services to pro-working spaces that can be rented by the day or month. Combined with professional development events, and a supportive community, there is no better place to sit down and work in city!

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