Private Offices


  • Private office with greenery, significant view and harmonious natural lights
  • All facilities: contemporary interiors, lockers, biometric fingerprint door locks.
  • Local phone number
  • Fully equipped meeting and boardrooms
  • Delicious teabreak
  • Free of charge for monthly electricity, water and internet expenses.
  • Relaxed area with comfort seat, coffee, tea and detox water
  • Access to highly trained on-site team, dedicated reception service and personalised administration support
  • General utilities: Photo printing, fax, paper shredder,...
  • Customized office design
  • High speed wifi
  • Free of charge for parking


Whether you have 1 person or a 100-person team, we offer the most suitable space for you while maintain the facilities and privacy of a serviced office. Azumi is the start of all types of businesses from freelancer to agency, from market research to investment consulting, representative office, foreign branch...



Only from 20.000.000VND/month for a complete office, professional services, friendly receptionist and 10+ utilities included.

Ms Ngọc

Ms Ngọc

+84(0) 90 122 8090
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