Flexible Office Solution

Dedicated desk - This is the best work space option for small companies, foreign representatives or freelancers. Choose your own desk in a shared space, return to the same location everyday and leave what you need to overnight.

We understand that every business has a specific need to operate successfully. Azumi Coworking space is designed with full facilites and services to support your business and make your business grow. With dedicated desk, you can start working immediately without worrying about any problems.

Facilities and Services

  • Your fixed desk in coworking area
  • Safety locker
  • Free print/ photocopy/ scan
  • Free 3 hour using meeting room
  • Free parking
  • 3-month contract only
  • Dedicated Receptionist
  • Free of charge for internet, electricity and water
  • Free daily cleaning

Widen your social circle

Coworking space - where you only pay for your seat but using every service and facilities in shared area. Moreover, you have more opportunity to connect with potential domestic and international customers and partners in neighbourhood.

Ms Ngọc

Ms Ngọc

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